Country Garden Flowers

What we do - anything and everything!

  • Weddings

  • Christenings & naming ceremonies

  • Funeral Tributes

  • Special Occasions

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A wedding day creates the happiest of memories. Many throw a lavish party, whilst others choose to have a more intimate event.


We are delighted to help with the preparations for smaller weddings. We want your flowers to be custom made and individually inspired, focusing on creating beautiful bespoke works of art without the pressure of mass production. It's a very traditional approach, where the weather conditions in the run-up dictate the flowers on the day, just as it was centuries ago. If you're happy with our approach and the style which we have to offer, then we would love to work with you.

Sometimes it's great to have a trial run together beforehand, have a coffee, and  put a  few ideas together.

We can be fully involved in all aspects of the floristry, including acquisition of  vases and stands and can commission bespoke goods if needed. We have a supply of  vintage vases which we can lend, or perhaps you might have some pots or vases of your own which you might like to use. 

We're equally happy to simply supply buckets of natural flowers which we grow in the field.

Flowers take time to grow. We have a basic stock of perennials, and we sow annuals in spring and autumn. We have a constant supply of foliage.


If you are able to give us advanced notice, then we would be delighted to allocate a specific  plot especially for your own wedding flowers. Come and see your flowers growing.

If you have taken the very brave decision of growing your own flowers ,and if perhaps you would like to have a little extra help on your plot, or arranging , then we're  happy to help on a daily rate. Because of the  toxicity of oasis, we would not be able to use this, and we would recommend using other techniques.

Christenings and naming ceremonies

How lovely to welcome a precious new addition into your family. We're happy to provide flowers for places of worship and or a celebration venue.

Funeral Tributes

Life remembered, life celebrated, heartfelt sympathy.


We have no rules or protocol for funerals, sympathy or celebrations of life passed. If you would like to speak with us either by telephone, or in person, we could together think of how you could best symbolise or celebrate the life remembered. We can make lovely natural wreaths or other structures from our homegrown willow or hazel, or we can pick flowers, foliage, berries from our field and bind with natural twine.

I'm happy to help if you would like to join me in making a wreath for your loved one.

 Whatever you choose, it will have been given individual thought and care.


Our produce especially in winter, is more subtle than conventional products. Our flowers, foliage and berries change with the seasons, and we try our utmost to protect the land which we farm.

Special occasions; birthdays, parties, corporate events.

We can supply seasonal produce for all celebrations, either lovely arrangements, or buckets of flowers.

Regular supply

We can provide flowers on a regular basis for business and home


Everyone welcome!

From our flower farm near Bath, we run winter workshops. What a lovely opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with people who love creating beautiful things from completely natural materials. No plastic or florists foam in sight!

We'll keep you informed with dates for the future.